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Switching your current account from one bank or building society to another is easy. Once you've decided to switch your account follow the four simple steps below and use our current account switching checklist to make the whole process simple and stress-free.

Step 1


Choose your new bank or building society

Once you've found the right account for you, ask your new bank or building society to switch your account using the Current Account Switch Service. And if you have an overdraft, just make sure that your new bank agrees and it will be transferred along with all your payments, Direct Debits and standing orders.*

*Subject to eligibility status

You can see all the banks and building societies involved here.

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Step 2

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Give the go ahead

​You'll need to agree to the 'Current Account Switch Agreement' and the 'Current Account Closure Instruction', provided by your bank or building society, before the switch can go ahead.

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Step 3

Choose your switch date

To make the process easier, you can choose a switch date to suit you. Just make sure you allow seven working days and that your chosen date isn't a Saturday, Sunday or Bank Holiday.

You can continue to use your old account until your agreed switch date, and then use your new account from your switch date onwards.

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Step 4

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Sit back and relax

The whole process will be handled by the bank or building society you are switching to. This means you can stay stress-free while they transfer your incoming and outgoing payments, your balance and overdraft, close your old account and confirm that your switch is complete.*

* Your overdraft transfer needs to be agreed to by your new bank and is subject to your eligibility status.

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